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Friday, 13 June 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: Blue & White Summer

As I said last summer, blue & white floral dresses are a bit of a staple for me. As I said in that post - & later in my favourite fashion books post - I have learnt from books that white dresses with small blue florals are timeless. I have yet to be proved wrong.
This dress is actually a much better length for the wheelchair than my last one as it is below knee length & has a really full skirt. You can't see in these pictures but it is a kind of 50's style dress with a crossover strap detail at the back.
Honestly sat down those kinds of details are largely irrelevant to me but it is actually quite cute.

(How cute does the bokeh look in the background on this picture?).
I didn't really want the dress to look old fashioned & 50s which sat down can look quite dowdy. I wanted it to be an outfit I didn't have to think about you know? Something I didn't have to put on a specific kind of bra for (which I would have had to do otherwise). My first response for dressing down an outfit is always denim. After MANY unsuccessful years of searching for denim jackets the same length as my tan one I finally got round to customising a normal length jacket (just you wait, next season EVERY jacket will be the length I am looking for lol).

* Dress - Joy * Jacket - Customised, similar here * Boots - Red or Dead @ Schuh * Pearl Necklace - Gift, Similar Here *
Obviously once I am wearing denim my tan boots come out. I love these boots because they can manage to look casual & country girl or smart & slightly Victoriana depending on how I dress them. They are also made of the most amazing buttery soft leather, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned & are surprisingly supportive for your ankles however loosely you fasten them.

Do you have a 'timeless' summer essential?  How do you wear it? And small blue florals, are they always in style?


  1. Beautiful dress! My entire wardrobe is pretty much blue and white so this was right up my street :)
    Faye |

    1. Isn't it the cutest dress? I used to always wear red as my accent colour - the non-neutral in my wardrobe - but these days I seem to be wearing a lot more blue ^^

  2. I love the print on the dress, so pretty and summery!
    I loved watching you on youtube for the first time yesterday too, it's so nice to put a voice and accent to a face :)
    Have a good weekend Sally!

    1. Isn't it the nicest dress?
      My youtube is so cringe worth-y ^^ But I totally agree, it is so nice to put a voice to a blog, it really adds to the personality you feel reading it.
      Thank you, you too :)

      Sally x


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