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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Weirdest M.E. Symptoms

On Sunday as I sat in near total darkness, with my sunglasses on eating my tea with my hands I started to think how utterly ridiculous some of my symptoms are; how funny, embarrassing or just plain weird the things my body does when it gets tired really are.
And then I realised that I've never heard anyone else talk about some of the symptoms I have. It could be that they are unique to me - everyone's body reacts differently after all - or it could be that there are other people out there with some, or all, of these symptoms & that this post will help them.
Either way it is supposed to be kind of funny so feel free to laugh, I do ^^

So in no particular order....


Dropping Everything

I don't know if this counts as a weird symptom so much as a super frustrating one but yeah, recently I have been dropping EVERYTHING, I am so lucky that my phone seems to be invincible because it should be very broken by now.

Excessive Frustration

When I get very tired the tiniest things can make me insanely frustrated. I can go from 0 to wanting to scream & cry & break something because there's nothing worth watching on TV or because a blog post I has finished has vanished (that one's not totally irrational but nearly).


Not Being Able to put Images To Words

So if someone is saying what would you like for lunch, we have x, y & z.... First that would over load my brain & I wouldn't be able to remember it all but also the words would be jibberish because I probably wouldn't be able to picture x, y or z so I would struggle to know what they were...
Weirdly I don't get the same amount of sensory overload with pictures, the opposite of the way I was before M.E.

Brain Fart Spasms know when someone really annoys you & you wish you could slap them but obviously you can't because that would be weird? Well sometimes my body slaps them anyway without my permission... It also does less violent stuff but that's the one which is most 'rational' & therefore easiest to explain. This can be very funny because it is often timed perfectly by my body. (I rarely actually hurt anyone with this symptom, my family is used to it & can generally see it I'm not strong enough to really hurt anyone anymore).

Freakishly Good Night Vision

Most M.E. sufferers have some form of light sensitivity which gets worse as they get more exhausted. This is where my super power comes from, I can see pretty much like the lights are on until there is no light at all....which is a situation I've never been in so I may even be able to see then. I won't be donning a skin tight suit anytime soon (for oh so many reasons) but when I do it will be as 'ate all her carrots girl' (copy right pending).

Crazy Vivid Dreams

 I know I'm not alone in this one, I get super vivid dreams. Dreams so vivid that I am more exhausted when I wake up from them than I was when I went to sleep. Sometime these dreams are benign - just exhausting & confusing - but more often than not they are terrifying & make getting back to sleep nearly impossible.
If I had any ability to draw however I would be able to make a lot off of the way Dream world Leeds looks, that place is WEIRD.


I get very confused when I get tired (and sometimes when I'm not) by very ordinary things. Sometimes I forget where I am & who I am, sometimes I won't be able to understand what people are saying & sometimes I'll be trying to eat something & the texture will confuse my brain so much I won't be able to eat it. I literally can't eat soup anymore because I get so confused by the texture & the fact that I am eating but not chewing... (my brain has issues).

Resting Bitch Face

The more exhausted I get the more miserable I look & the more miserable I look the colder I look (apparently).

Skin Tightening

When I am exhausted my skin will get really tight, like it's dehydrated but the skin is actually fine. I sometimes wonder if my face is actually swelling but that's normally when I'm Drunk Tired.

Drunk Tired

Drunk Tired is when I get giddy with exhaustion & start acting drunk. I have been known to giggle uncontrollably, sing random nursery rhymes, make very weird comments & hallucinate. I usually don't remember this bit of being tired but it is apparently very funny to watch.


My temperature control is messed up. I obviously get very cold (quite normal with M.E.) but I can also get very hot or feel a totally normal temperature when everyone else is struggling with the excess of temperature either way. I have also been known to be freezing in one part of my body & too hot in another part....


I occasionally swear uncontrollably, a.k.a. I am not telling my mouth to swear but it is doing it anyway. I also swear a lot more than I am comfortable with day to day & I'm not quite sure where it is coming from...

So there are my weirdest M.E. symptoms...what are the weirdest things your body (spoonie or not) does?


  1. Sometimes, I forget to breathe. Like I don't realise I'm holding my breath until I really really need to breathe, this happens especially when I'm angry. xD

  2. Two-years sleep deprived here (youngest of 4 children hasn't slept through the night since birth) so I can't talk straight these days...flip the letters around all the time and they come out that way. Tried to sing the song "Frosty the Snowman" to my toddler today and it sounded like "Sosty the Froman"!! She already has a severe speech disorder and now her mother can't even model proper language use-ughh! We just laugh it off. Hopefully she will be more comfortable "taking chances" finding her voice, despite her issues, knowing it's okay to get it wrong sometimes and that laughter is good for the soul, even if it is sometimes at your own expense :)

    1. Gosh :S Lol ^^
      I hope you get some sleep soon!

      Sally xx

  3. I get a lot of these symptoms with my M.E, and I think a lot of them can be attributed to brain fog. I also have major problems with temperature control. Hope you are as well as possible!

    1. I swear brain fog is one of the worst bits of M.E., it causes all kinds of weird symptoms!

      Sally xx

  4. Yes yes yes. All of these! One of my weirdest symptoms is probably the fact I can't wear jewellery for too long, it really hurts and irritates me! I also sometimes put things in really bizarre places...

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets these! I'd almost convinced myself that some of them weren't real symptoms & that I was creating them lol ^^

      Sally xx


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