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Friday, 2 October 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Autumn Check

I can't help but look at these pictures & laugh. When I was getting dressed I felt enormous, like a navy gingham whale, & I was convinced that this pictures would end up getting scrapped, that I would hate the way I looked in them, that editing would send me into a body hate spiral....
I was mega freaked out.

Obviously, after all that worrying I LOVE these pictures, I think they are some of the best for a long time & I think the dress is incredibly flattering.....seriously instead of this experience sending me into a body hate spiral it actually made me feel happier than I have been about my body for a long while :)

That's the best bit about fashion blogging for me, not just the excuse to buy clothes, dress up all pretty & leave the house (although that's pretty good too), or the awesome community (although that's a close second), but the fact that having to look at myself in photos & having to learn how to take good ones & having to keep going until I get good ones means that I have learnt to see more than my double chins & my man jaw & my lumpy bits, I also see my tiny waist & my smile & my legs & the other good parts that I'd never noticed before. More than that I've learnt to see my body as a one thing, not just a mixed bag of good parts & bad parts :)

Anyway, the fashion :)

This dress is another new one from Lindy Bop (I think I'm going to end up owning their entire catalogue ^^). I adore the bold gingham print, the fabric is divine & it is insanely comfortable, I could genuinely wear this instead of pjs, which is good because I'm getting a little sick of wearing pjs all the time (it shouldn't freak people out to see you in regular ppl clothes ^^).

My only problem with the dress is the buttons, but it's actually a love hate kind of thing. I love the way they look, I hate the fact that I can't fasten/unfasten them.....but then I have the same problem with zips, pop studs & basically all fastenings.

I'm not really sure what I was going for with this look so I'm going to fall back on Parisian :)
I sort of wanted it to be very clean & simple, for the dress to shine but for it to be soft & feminine rather than '70's lumberjack girl' which I had this huge fear it would end up as if I wore boots with it or something like that.....although you don't see enough lumberjack girl looks, I should totally try that. I think my brother even has an axe :)
More than anything though I wanted an excuse to wear my amazing new nude shoes, I can't stop thinking about them. They are agony to walk in but I still just want to wear them as slippers or something because they're just so pretty ^^

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